Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Myself in the lead

Here is a post with myself in the lead. I've heard that if you post outfit photo's ore photo's about yourself, people will visit and view your blog more. So this is kind of an experiment: like, follow and view my blog! I'm wearing a knock-off Celine bag (wish I could afford a real one), Navajo printed sweater and Prada look-a-like butterfly/baroque sunglasses!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cat-eye Cara

The most named model in the media now is for sure Cara Delevingne. The gorgeous eye-browed model is since her contract at Victoria's Secret popular x1000. Her own Tumblrpage and Instagram make her more than just a model. She's funny and takes crazy faces, she even has her own Harlem Shake-video. But this photo is more about the look than about Cara. I'm in love with the combination of the eyeliner and pink lipstick! Think I'm gonna try it myself, although I think I will look like Barbie because of my blonde hair..

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I’m in love with the Moschino-belt for almost three years, but I still think it’s too expensive to buy a real one. But when I was doing some online shopping at Missguided I found this. It was like heaven and earth coming together and I really really really needed to buy it. So ofcourse I did. Ant this is what I found in my package: a lovely inspired Moschino belt. It looks great with the leatherskirt which was in that package too. Belt –

Monday, February 18, 2013

Starting small

You have to start small, so here is my first blogpost! A lifechanging-moment… eh no okay that’s not true. With more than hundreds, no thousands, ehh what did I say: millions of bloggers all over the internet, my little blog won’t pop out. But what can I say? I love to share inspiring images and lovely outfits with you. This post is one with some nice light interiorstyles. I’m in love with the combination of white and details of wood. Start reading and let’s get inspired!